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Client Testimonials 

Intuitive Weight Management 

"When I began working with Chloe, I was dealing with personal and professional issues and I gained a significant amount of weight.  I knew I needed help.  After our first meeting, it seemed I had found the right person with the right approach for me.  I didn't want to count calories or macros, or be a slave to a strict prescription of what was good and what was bad to eat. Chloe gave me tools that I now think of whenever I am in a situation where previously I would over-consume, whether it be situational or stress-related settings.   The processing of those situations either in the recent past or for an anticipated future event have been very helpful.  I feel like I have gotten control of my nutrition and the thought processes that go with it.  I give Chloe much credit with her unique, behavioral approach to eating and nutrition.  I highly recommend consulting her if you want to improve your nutrition." 


"The Master Your Metabolism series with Chloe was eye opening and informative. As a runner, I have never counted calories or followed strict diets, but also never learned how to properly fuel my body. But then I turned 40 and started to watch the pounds creep up. Chloe helped me reset my thinking and relationship with food. She helped me learn how to make responsible choices and that no food was off limits. Very refreshing! I look forward to seeing my relationship with food improve, and hopefully fire up that metabolism again!" 


Intuitive Weight Management 

"I will be honest that Chloe's approach is not an easy one, at least for me. I have built my personal approach to nutrition based on data, measurements (scale and tape measure), counting calories, "damage control" workouts, trying my very best to eliminate "bad" foods and finding myself guilty, hungry or unsatisfied because I have created a random meal on the go, or because I am so hungry by the time I get to eat I just shove what ever is available without really thinking. I know compared to most of the population, the foods I choose are really healthy, but it is my relationship with them that needs major work. I struggle to find time to plan and create meals that I love, I don't sit down to eat, I snack while I cook, I clean my kid's plates, all the while thinking how many miles I will have to put in to balance it. I don't have time to cook a meal I want, as well as a meal my kids want. I thrive on rules, "do this, not that" and Chloe isn't going to give that to me! I have to figure it out for myself which is infinitely harder. Its so difficult for me to prioritize myself, to slow down, delegate, rest and really listen to what my body is telling me. My initial goals right now are to shop and prep raw ingredients over the weekend, plate my food and sit down to eat. I want to truly make positive changes, not by forcing myself into a mold, but listening to myself."  


Intuitive Weight Management 

"I think I am finally getting the hang of this mindful journey. I've been really focusing on connecting my mind to my stomach, specifically focusing on sensible snacks to keep on hand. By learning to pair food groups for optimal satisfaction I am back to not overeating at the next feeding. Also, I feel I have been able to identify when I am truly hungry vs. thirsty. Ive caught myself saying "that is not hunger, it's thirst!" This is very big for me. I recently had a victory at lunch when I mindfully refused a tea that was not 1/2 & 1/2 like I had ordered it. I am getting the hang of knowing the different feelings from different foods and knowing what works best and when for my body. So often we are so used to over indulging that we are clueless that there is an alternative. I am loving this journey. I love the power mindfulness gives me to be responsible with my choices in any setting." 


Intuitive Weight Management 

"The first time I ever stepped into Chloe's office I identified the goal I wanted to work towards.  My goal was to find balance, balance to me equaled freedom to live life as it was meant to be lived.  In that moment I had very little faith and trust in myself to reach this goal and as someone who had been in and out of treatment centers working with an array of professionals, yet continuing to struggle with an eating disorder, I honestly had very little faith that Chloe could teach me anything I already hadn't tried.  The chance to change took a leap of faith and a LOT of growing pains.  I first had to develop some level of trust in Chloe and this process took a great deal of time. For decades the only thing I trusted were the lies of my eating disorder. For awhile I felt as if I'd take one step forward and two back...I honestly thought for awhile that Chloe would soon give up on me and I waited for that, but she has always found success in what I deemed as failure...She has helped me change my perspective overtime of what success and progress even look like.  By far the hardest part in working with Chloe was developing that level of trust, because in the beginning EVERYTHING she asked me to do my eating disorder screamed back NO!!!  I saw foods as good vs bad...having a "bad" food or going out to a "bad" place to eat always had negative consequences as well as being accompanied by extreme anxiety.  She has allowed me to challenge myself in certain areas at a pace that hasn't been so completely overwhelming leaving me paralyzed by fear.  Chloe definitely challenges me but she is quick to point out the progress when i see or feel none for myself.  For someone who has always defined their success, failure, and self worth by the number on a scale, Chloe reminds me that my journey and recovery have nothing to do with a number, the number on a scale, the number in my clothes, my neurotically looking at the numbers, calories, fat, carbs, etc in EVERYTHING I eat.  No, my journey has EVERYTHING to do with living a life of balance, for me that is where my freedom resides.  I am a work in progress, but i can say, today i am living my best life <3"


Eating Disorder Recovery

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