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A Little Pinch Of Chloe

Chloe Paddison Eddleman is the founder and lead dietitian for Cureative Nutrition. She completed her dietetic residency in personalized nutrition and counseling at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Chloe received her Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics with a minor in Health Promotion from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina.  Chloe expanded on her love for food and nutrition by training under chefs in San Francisco, England and Australia, developing her passion for whole-food based nutrition practices. Chloe has over 10 years of experience in nutrition with a primary focus in intuitive eating psychology, working with individuals to develop new behavioral interventions for sustainable change. Chloe bases her approach on the principles of understanding food is not the enemy. Instead, a lack of self-awareness, education and mental health crisis can be blamed for an individual's poor relationship with food and thus subsequential poor health. 


Chloe is the founder of Cureative Nutrition, a private practice specializing in disordered eating and metabolic failure. Chloe bases her treatment interventions on two principles: learning how to best set our body up to use food and learning how food can best serve our body for our overall health and wellness goals.  In 2015, Chloe was asked to present as one of three panelists, alongside Dr. T Collin Campbell, nutrition expert and author of The China Study, at the film release of Fed Up, a documentary exploring the controversies of added sugar in the diet. Chloe is the former dietitian for Memorial Health University’s Bariatric department in Savannah and is currently affiliated with St. Joseph’s Candler in the Center for Disease Management. Chloe consults for various corporations and clinics, including Arcadia Hospice and most recently, Memorial Health Hospital in Savannah, developing and coordinating their new grant-funded Lifestyle Medicine Clinic. 

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Chloe P. Eddleman, RDN, LD
Founder & Lead Dietitian 

"Beautiful women don't diet, beautiful women learn to cook food."
-Candice Kumai 
"No other species cooks. When we learned to cook is when we became human." 
-Michael Pollen 

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