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Cureative Nutrition is a private practice founded and operated by registered dietitian nutritionists (RDN) specializing in disordered eating and metabolic failure. This practice is built on the idea of helping you establish elevated control of your personal food behaviors and on inspiring a diverse relationship with food. A relationship that encourages you to use the many incredible properties of food to optimize your everyday mental and physical health. The root of our name is a blend of curate + cure + creative - we carefully and creatively curate the health information and strategies we present to each individual client. We practice on the basis of welcoming and respecting all characteristics of food – comfort, entertainment, creativity, social gathering and nourishing fuel. The diet culture we live in today often tells us to strip away the enjoyable characteristics of food, to fight our human nature and our deeply rooted relationship with food, ultimately leading us to a disordered way of eating with significant damage to one's metabolism. Your food consumption must involve intentional and purposeful actions, but food should be savored, not feared. We focus on education and behavioral modification through individualized strategy. We work with our clients to optimize their relationship with food and their body. Eat for a purpose and to enjoy it in the process. Start your recovery journey with us today! ​

Savor the day, it is a delicacy! 


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