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About: Speaking Engagements

Community Outreach:




Customized Seminars: 

Seminars include customized group meetings to study and discuss educational nutrition topics of your choice. Topics may include intuitive eating principles, how to navigate work-life balance and how to create calorie counts and supplemental nutritional facts for menu nutrition labels.​​

Public Speaking:

Considering the significant evidence-based need to find solutions to remedy obesity, chronic disease, and eating disorders we provide a customized or signature live speech to both educate and motivate an audience on solutions. Registered dietitian, Chloe Paddison’s signature message is rooted in eating psychology and behavior. She provides guidance on the conscious and unconscious feelings, thoughts, and behaviors directed by the human mind, that influence food choices and patterns of behavior to impact positive change.

Communities share attributes and are strengthened by their connections. The health profile of members of a community may indicate attributes of a community. We provide customized health education sessions and food and nutrition programs to help alleviate health disparities and promote community health. 

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