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About: Personalized Nutrition Counseling





Intuitive Weight Management Counseling:

Through an individual counseling approach we provide sustainable weight management solutions that are customized for each client. The intuitive process means helping clients develop awareness to their common situational challenges affecting food behaviors. Clients will learn the skill of mindful eating to allow them the freedom to enjoy ALL foods while meeting their health and wellness goals. Our solutions are centered on self-cognizance. I help you to spell out the steps on how to achieve motivated self-awareness, and a greater understanding of the purpose and splendor of food. You will have the tools to identify general and self-defeating eating patterns to understand why you make the food choices you do, excite you to use food as a cure, and to achieve continued successful weight management.

Eating Disorder Recovery Counseling: 

As an experienced dietitian Chloe Paddison uses medical nutrition therapy as an objective method of treatment to help resolve cognitive challenges associated with eating disorders. Chloe focuses on guiding her clients towards food freedom while helping them meet necessary health requirements.

With an individualized counseling approach we provide each client with assistance in finding solutions to personal, social, or psychological difficulties inhibiting success in reaching weight management and wellness goals in the following areas of focus:

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