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High Protein Crab Stew 


  • 8 ounces crab claw meat (not imitation)

  • 1 - 5.3 ounce container (individual serving size) plain Greek yogurt

  • 2/3 cup of ½ and ½ (can add more to thin consistency if needed)

  • 1 tablespoon old bay (or more/less to taste)

  • Pinch of pepper (or more to taste)

  • ½ teaspoon red wine vinegar (or more to taste) 


  1. Bring ½ and ½ to a simmer in a saucepan over medium heat.

  2. Add seasonings and vinegar and modify to desired taste.

  3. Let simmer until fragrant (about 6-8 minutes), stirring occasionally to avoid scorching the milk.

  4. Remove from heat and whisk in plain Greek yogurt until smooth and thick.

  5. Stir in lump crab claw meat and stir until combined.

  6. Add more old bay, pepper or vinegar if needed. 

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